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How We Fabric(ated) Gender

Originally posted on Other Eras:
Of all the things that happened in 2020 I never expected a magazine cover to be considered the most outrageous one. Harry Styles gracing the cover of Vogue isn’t so odd, but the fact that he did so while adorned in a ruched lace gown apparently is. Similar treatment was…

How to perform better under pressure

Originally posted on Lisa-Marie's :
Face the challenges Mental strength: “The ability to move at one’s upper limit regardless of the competition conditions”-?James E. Loehr Doesn’t this quote sound totally interesting? It definitely makes me curious. Is there really a way to train one’s mind to use all personal resources in the best possible way?…

Can music change your life?

Originally posted on Sandro´s Blog:
Many years ago, I am not even sure when it started, I was exploring the world of music. Even as a kid I used to listen to music all the time. The desire of being able to sing and to play an instrument kept getting stronger and stronger. Although…

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